About Dbegotin Educational Foundation

We are passionate about ensuring basic education for every child

welcome message from the e.d

Hello Champions

2019 was a year of change, 2020 kickstarted the new decade with positive actions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, and 2021 has being tagged “a year of resilience in Dbegotin. We have started this year with renewed efforts towards making significant differences in humanity especially as it has to do with those in critical needs in Nigeria. To this mandate, all members of DEF has been encouraged to embark on personal development to enable everyone to put in their best to ensure individual and organization’s growth. It is now evidence that we can do more when we constantly review and improve on ways in which we touch lives.

Our collective voice through our field works in our areas of work and also on the social media space has helped tremendously in shaping the lives of thousands across the nation. However, we need to remain intentional about showing our beneficiaries that there is a better future for them. We need to continue with a tenacious spirit in reminding our government and other stakeholders in our education and humanity sector that there is more to be done.

Dbegotin is committed to ensuring that more children in Nigeria get quality and affordable education. I am thankful to every member of this great team, you have all demonstrated excellence, leadership, courage and the willingness to change the state of education in Nigeria to better help the next generation. It is my desire to also ensure your personal growth both now and in the future.
Thank you for the amazing work you do through Dbegotin Educational Foundation.

Jeremiah Oseni (JP) ~ Founder & Executive Director,
Dbegotin Educational Foundation.

What We Stand For


— Mission

Take quality education to hard-to-reach communities, carry out child-friendly educational activities for children and train teachers regular to catch up with best global teaching practices.


— Vision

We envision a society of highly productive citizens who have all it takes to solve any challenge humanity could possibly face.


— Goal

Our goal is to make quality education accessible, affordable and interesting for every child.


— Core Values

Resilience – Value – Possibility – Faith